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(1923 - 2022)

Dear Friends,

With sadness suffused by joy, I write to share that our beloved friend and sister Alice von Hildebrand went home to the Lord at 12:25am this morning (1/14/2022). She died peacefully at home after a brief illness.

Those who knew Lily often heard her say that the wick of her candle was growing ever shorter. In fact, she yearned for death — to see the face of Our Lord, to be reunited at last with her husband Dietrich, her parents, her dearest friend Madeleine Stebbins — with the peace that only true innocence and profound faith can grant. 

We will announce details of the funeral in due course. 


Faithfully and Gratefully,

John Henry Crosby


President & Founder

Hildebrand Project

Writer. Philosopher. Teacher. Catholic.
Wife of Dietrich von Hildebrand.


Alice became an internationally beloved figure through her many books and articles and numerous radio and television appearances.


She is the widow of the famous Catholic philosopher, Dietrich von Hildebrand, whose work she developed and made her own, making important contributions especially to the Catholic understanding of marriage and of femininity.


Despite misogyny and anti-Catholicism at every turn, Alice von Hildebrand was a professor of philosophy for nearly 40 years in New York City. In a climate of relativism, she championed the objectivity of truth. Some students on the verge of despair found a reason for living; many, despite the fact that she never mentioned religion, converted to Catholicism.


Alice von Hildebrand lives in the apartment in New Rochelle that she shared with her husband. Dietrich von Hildebrand confided his life’s work to her, a gift and task she has now entrusted to the Hildebrand Project.

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Home: Project
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Listen to recordings of Alice von Hildebrand from numerous radio interviews. (Coming Soon)

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Notebook and Pen

The Hildebrand Project advances the tradition of Christian personalism, especially as developed by Dietrich von Hildebrand. This website is devoted to the work of his wife, Alice von Hildebrand.


For over seventy years, she has devoted herself to the promotion of his legacy. To this end, she has authored more than 10 books, hundreds of essays, made over 300 TV appearances, and lectured around the world.


She is a co-founder of the Hildebrand Project and its greatest champion. Her signature insights into the genius of woman offer evidence of the enduring vitality of his central insights.

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